Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Become a Wholesaler of Our Front & Rear Projection Screen Material

Wholesalers through ProScreens are required to purchase a 100-yard minimum of projection screen material or 100-roll minimum of velvet tape. To inquire about becoming a wholesaler, e-mail us today.
Shipping Details
At ProScreens, we offer flat rate shipping for our products.
Frame Clips and Border Tape
  • U.S. - $10
  • Canada, Alaska, Hawaii - $20
Projection Screen Material and Projectors
  • U.S. - $25
  • Canadian, Hawaiian, and Alaskan - $40
International (excluding Canada)
  • Contact for Invoice
Payment Methods
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Set up your wholesale account and start distributing frame clips and rear projection screen materials by contacting us today in Mount Vernon, Illinois.
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Contact Us right away with questions or sample request for our rear projection screen materials.

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