Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying about Our High-Contract Grey Projection Screen Material & Borders

Make the right choice on your projection screen material, velvet border, screen glue,and frame clips with ProScreens in Mount Vernon, Illinois. We are proud to feature words of praise by our many satisfied customers.
"Perfect, better than I expected! Beat the heck out of the paint!"
"Fast shipping and great screens; looks just like the $1,200+ projection screen material."
"Thanks Chris, you were so helpful and my husband absolutely loves his new theater room. The border tape really made the screen pop." — Cindy
"Fast, fast, fast! Got it in 2 days."
"All my friends are jealous. You really made our Super Bowl party!"
"The frame clips really made it easy to mount. I just wish that I bought a bigger screen. You will hear from all of my friends!" — Marcus Tietge
"Great screen! You saved our church a lot of money."
"Out of my entire experience with building my theater room, you have been far better with every aspect of the process than any other company. The screen looks great and you have the best customer service in the industry." — Scott Lewis


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