Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Pro Screens provides the best in projector screen material for individuals who want to build their own projection screens and enjoy a superlative quality of picture for themselves and their families. We offer our customers a complete selection of projection screen materials including Front Projection Matte White Screen Material. We sell both woven fiberglass and Pure PVC screen materials. The quality construction of our projection screen fabric is mildew and flame resistant and is excellent at evenly distributing light over a substantial area with no effect on the color hues.

High Quality Projection Screen Materials and Fabric

At Pro Screens we offer our clients the highest quality projection screen materials, frame clips, and black velvet border tape to both regular customers and wholesale accounts. Our wide variety of top quality projection screen fabric is perfect for your home theater, and the black velvet border tape is ideal for accentuating the overall look and giving a nice finish to the projection screen borders. Our front projection high contrast grey material and rear projection grey material are perfect for your project and are sure to give you the quality screen that you want and deserve.

We gladly provide complete directions on how to best use our screen supplies to help ensure that the final product is everything that you want and everything that your projection screen can be. It has never been easier and more cost effective to build your own projection screen than it is now with projector screen material and related supplies from ProScreens! Our staff works regularly with individuals to select the right materials and combining it with the best-related supplies to create a fantastic overall product. Call us today at (618) Big-SHOW (244-7469) and let us work with you so you can create the dream big screen that you�ve always wanted!

Contact Us right away with questions or sample request for our rear projection screen materials.

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