Projector Screen Material - Front, Rear and High-Contrast

Projector Screen Material

Front Projection Screen (White) This is the number one choice for living spaces with controllable ambient light. White projection screen materials evenly distributes light over a wide viewing area without affecting color hues.  White screen material normally have a gain of 1.0-1.3.

Front Projection High Contrast Grey Material is used primarily in a space with minimal control over natural light, such as an office or where a very bright projector (3500 lumens plus) is being used.  Grey screen materials normally have a lower gain of around .8 allowing for proper viewing in ambient light and bright projections. 
Rear Projection Grey Material is used with projectors that are placed behind a screen and viewing the image from the front. This is ideal for live theater, storefront windows, newscasters, and 3D imaging; the possibilities for our rear projection screen materials are endless.
These screen material can easliy be cleaned with a mild soap and water mixture.

Projection Screen Borders

At ProScreens, we frequently receive e-mails about where to find or how to make a black velvet border for screens. While most people have tried to make their own using velvet cloth, it just hasn’t been up to par with the professional screens. After a long and unsuccessful search for a manufacturer that could supply us with such a tape, we decided to manufacture ourselves both a 3-inch and 4.5-inch black velvet tape that will allow people to have a perfectly straight and smooth border around their screen. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, so we strive to offer only the best in projection screen projects. Make sure you're using the highest quality projection screen borders and materials from our Mount Vernon, Illinois, location.

Frame Clips

This pack of 20 heavy-duty black frame clips is just what you need to get the job done right. Our frame clips at ProScreens are specially made to hold and stretch projection screen material in conjunction with rope or bungee cords. A better alternative to staples or grommets, frame clips are great for outdoor viewing and work with our material without causing damage. Furthermore, the clips have been specially designed to increase their grip the harder they are pulled on. They are also equipped with a "fast release" mechanism to make for an error-free way of framing your new screen.


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